Monday, February 29, 2016

Dryer Sheet Wreath

I love spring time and decorating for it. I like to keep it simple and fresh! This Dryer Sheet Wreath is the perfect addition for spring! I love the simple, white color and the best part is it smells just like spring! 

It's so easy to make this wreath! All you need are some used dryer sheets,

an old metal hanger, and a pair of pliers.

Use the pliers to stretch the hanger to a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect, just as close to a circle as you can get.

Next, you're going to tie the dryer sheets onto the hanger. You will need between 80-100 dryer sheets. The dryer sheets need to be used ones! I saved mine from each load of laundry for a month or two, but if you're wanting to make it right now, you can throw the whole box of dryer sheets in the dryer with a load of towels. 
This is the easiest, cutest knot to make! Place a dryer sheet under the hanger with the ends crossed. Like this. 
Next, pull the ends thru the loop. Like this. Easy right?

Pull tight. That's your knot! Continue doing this all the way around the hanger. It gets kind of boring, so I recommend doing this while watching your favorite show, like "The Bachelor"! And be prepared to smell extra fresh after making this wreath! I went to the grocery store after and got asked three times what perfume I was wearing. Um...dryer sheets?? 
Keep adding until the entire hanger is covered and your wreath is as fluffy as you would like. Then you're done! You can add ribbon on it or any embellishments you'd like! I kept mine plain white for spring. 
You can hang it on your front door to greet your guests with the smell of spring, 

Or you can do what I did. I put mine on an old pallet and hung it in our master bathroom. It smells great and looks so pretty! I used an old pallet cut in half, (with the help of my handy husband). 

And that's it! A Perfect DIY wreath for spring that barely costs a penny! 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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