Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Simple St. Patrick's Day Banner

St. Patrick's Day

Who else is excited for spring and the up coming holidays?! I don't have very many St. Patrick's Day decorations, so I decided I needed a banner. And since it's so simple, (and inexpensive) I just had to share it with you! It really took me less than ten minutes to make! 

You only need a few items to make this banner. Most of it you will probably have on hand already.

You will need burlap, twine, a heart punch, (or you can free hand it), green cardstock or paper, a glue gun, something to measure the burlap, and something to cut it with. Simple right?

Cut however many "flags" you want for your banner. I used 3 on mine, just because it was going on a smaller shelf. It's better to use an odd number because then it looks like there is a middle point when you hang it up! I cut mine 8 inches in height, and rolled over two on the top to glue. So mine are 6 inches on the banner. Cut enough twine to have ends on each side. I spaced the flags every 3 inches. Fold and glue the twine on the back of each one, gluing the flap down over the twine so it stays in place. Be careful because the hot glue comes through the burlap. Don't want anyone getting third degree burns. Continue for each flag. My 8 year old help cut the triangles out of the bottom. I think it gives it a more finished touch but you can leave the ends straight too!

For the clovers, use three hearts. My kids helped with this part. They loved helping punch them out, and fold them in half. Make a little score so that the clovers "pop" on the banner. Glue the ends of each clover in the middle of the flags. Doesn't it look so cute?!?! 

And that's it! An adorable St. Patrick's  Day banner. Now your house is ready for any mischievous leprechauns to arrive! 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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