Saturday, May 21, 2016

Doctor Visits

Yesterday was a very busy day full of Doctor appointments. But all of them brought good news. My thyroid nodule biopsy came back benign so we were so grateful and relieved for that! I still have to have it monitored until it dissolves, but we're thankful it's benign. I loved everything about my acupuncture appointment and left feeling so much better. I was so skeptical about doing acupuncture for infertility but it's been so great! I feel like it really helps me relax, which isn't an easy task for me, and I can feel it working on certain areas besides the fertility aspect. We are focusing on my organs that are struggling and it helps me clear my mind of unwanted emotions too. Our appointment at the fertility center went good also. I love how sweet the staff is and our doctor is the best!  Our reproductive endocrinologist said we are good to start medications and procedures! I got more labs taken and another ultrasound done while we were there. Overall, it was a good day. 
On Thursday I spent the day at the clinic and hospital because of a gallbladder attack. It was not fun at all. For those of you that have had a gallbladder attack, you know what I'm talking about. The IVs were the worst part. They were torture! They ended up doing an ultrasound and found a small spot of sludge which they are hopeful will go away on it's own. My crohns has not been happy with all of the changes in my hormones going back to normal, so we're thinking that's what has caused the problems for my gallbladder. Once we get it under control, things should improve overall. I'm so grateful for my amazing family and friends who have helped or offered to help us through all this crazy health stuff. I'm beyond thankful for my husband who supports me no matter what, my mom for watching our kids and for all of my great doctors that are working together to get me feeling better. I'm exhausted from the long week I've had, so this weekend I'm just taking it easy. Thanks again to everyone for their kind words and support! 

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