Sunday, May 1, 2016

Italian Sodas

I love Italian Sodas! There's just something about them. This recipe is super easy to make! I've made it for several special occasions and it's always a hit! They are so yummy! 
My kids love helping make these too! We've had them for birthday parties before. You can use any flavor of syrup you want. My favorite is to combine raspberry and vanilla! The whip cream and cherry are totally optional, but I think they add the special touch!
Italian Sodas
•1/2 cup ice
•1 cup club soda
•1/2 cup heavy cream
• 4 tsp. Flavored Syrup
• Whip Cream
•Fancy Straws 

Directions: Place ice in a glass. Pour 2 tsp. of the syrup over ice. Pour in club soda. Add the other two tsp. of flavoring. Slowly pour in heavy cream. Top with whip cream and a cherry! Enjoy!! 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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