Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kids Crafts for Road Trips

I'm so excited for the fun things we have planned this summer! My kids and I made these toys, during a quick craft time, to take with us on road trips to keep them busy. These are so simple to make and my kids can't wait to play with them as we travel for family vacations. 
The first is this cute Lego-to-Go box! I used an old tin container, that we got in a kids meal, for the box. I started by hot glueing some flat Lego pieces on the lid. 
It will look something like this. The top of the lid will be where the kids build the other Legos. 
Next fill the tin with Legos until it's full. I found some really simple kits for a $1 at the dollar store. Target sometimes has Legos in their dollar bins too. 
Your Lego-to-Go kit is done now. My boys love building things and using Legos so they are super excited about this! My youngest helped test it out after it was done. It's such a fun and inexpensive toy to make for road trips. 
Next is a portable kitchen. My daughter loves her kitchen and pretending to cook. This is perfect for in the car and in the hotel when you are on vacation. 
It's so simple to make! The only tool you need is a sharpie marker! That's right! And my daughter drew the stove top burner and buttons on herself. I bought this container at the dollar store.  
Fill it with some of the kitchen toys and play food you have on hand and you're set to go! The mini red solo cups are from Walmart. 
I love this stuffed food from Ikea! It comes in a cute basket and has Velcro on certain pieces. It's so much fun and squishes into the container so we have space for extra cups and plates. 
The last idea is a mini chalkboard from Hobby Lobby with this cute zipper bag of chalk from the dollar store. It's really inexpensive and requires no crafting skills at all. It keeps my kids busy for hours and is easy to pack. It's perfect for taking on trips. My kids had so much fun helping me make these. They are so excited to play with all these fun toys on our upcoming road trips! 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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