Monday, May 9, 2016

Always Look For Rainbows

I love the rain we've been having here in Utah. My favorite part of this crazy, spring weather is looking for rainbows after the rain. My kids even join in on the fun to see who can find one first. While we were driving home this evening from an appointment, we saw this rainbow. 
I'm still waiting for the results on the biopsy I had done on my thyroid to come back, and waiting for our next appointment at the fertility clinic. Someone asked me if I was worried, and to my surprise, and my husband's, I'm actually pretty calm. I truly believe that after every storm there's something beautiful to look forward to. I think during every trial, there's something to be grateful for. Today was a long day since I've lost my voice and I'm not feeling very good, but I'm also full of gratitude for friends and family who were willing to help me when I sent them a text today, grateful for doctors that care about my health and my family's health and grateful to live in such a beautiful place. I definitely loved seeing this rainbow today as a reminder to be thankful for the beautiful blessings during the storms. 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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