Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Easy, DIY Lemonade Stand

I love summertime and all the fun activities that the warmer weather brings! One of my family's favorite summer traditions is having a Lemonade Stand! It's always so much fun and my kids look forward to it every year! This year, I came up with an easy project to make a cute stand! It's so simple and very inexpensive! And it was a huge hit! My kids loved it 100 times more than just having a plain folding table and chairs. 
I started with this old bookcase. My mom was throwing this one out. I can't ever let a piece of furniture go to the dump, because I mean, what if I need it for a project someday?! Sure enough, it was the perfect piece for what I had in mind for a stand. You can find old bookcases at yard sales and at the DI. I left it the white color on the front and sides. 
The back of the bookcase is what will be the front of your lemonade stand. I used Chalkboard Spray Paint that I had leftover from another project. This way we can write on the front of our stand and erase it when we're done!
 I taped off the back of the bookcase before painting it. I put trash bags over the sides of the bookcase so that the chalkboard paint didn't get over spray on it. I love the Rust-Oleum brand Chalkboard Paint. It sprays on just like spray paint. I did the first coat and let it dry 30 minutes, then did a second coat that I let dry about 6 hours. If you do get over spray anywhere, you can use fingernail polish remover to clean it up. 
You want to "cure" the chalkborad paint so that you can erase it. To do this, take a piece of white chalkborad chalk and rub the edge of it all over the dried chalkboard paint. Rub the chalk off with a rag or an eraser. It will look like the picture above. Your chalkboard is now ready to go! 
For the poles of the stand, I drilled holes in the top of the bookcase with a fancy drill bit that makes circles. I don't know the actual name for it, but it's my favorite drill bit! The poles of the stand are just cardboard poles from the middle of wrapping paper! I told you this project would be inexpensive! I stuck them in the top of the dresser and added a paper banner across the top.
This is the back side of our lemonade stand. We used the front side of the bookcase as the perfect spot to store all the cups, napkins and extra cookies! Having a shelf was very convenient. This bookcase is the perfect height for my kids and they loved having the shelves and room for extra things. They felt like they were running a real store! 
For the banners, I used double sided scrap book paper that I had on hand, so both sides of the banner looked cute. I used a hole punch and some burlap twine to string it. On the bottom banner, I added some curling ribbon that I had to add an extra touch. I used a mason jar to hold the straws and one for a tip jar. I added a cute chalkboard label to it. It turned out so cute! 
That's it! Pretty simple right?! The whole project took me 2 hours total of working on it. That doesn't include the drying time for the chalkboard paint. 
My kids loved it and had so much fun running their Lemonade Stand! They sold out of everything and made over $40 in an hour and a half! Everyone that stopped by said how adorable their stand looked. I'm so glad we put this on our summer bucketlist! If you're looking for a fun activity for kids, try a lemonade stand! It's so much fun. Happy Summer! 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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