Friday, June 24, 2016

Outdoor Chalkboard + The Place Segment

I had such a fun day on Fox 13's The Place! I shared some of my favorite things to make using Chalkboard Paint! 
Since it's summertime, most kids just want to play outside all day. This outdoor chalkboard is the perfect way to entertain kids in the backyard! It's so simple to make and provides hours of outside fun! 
You start with a piece of MDF board. Your local hardware store can cut it any size for you. Wipe off any dust and add a coat of spray Chalkboard Paint. I love the Rustoleum brand. Let the first coat dry for a few hours, then spray on a second coat. Let it dry overnight. To cure the chalkboard, rub the side of a piece of white chalk over the entire board. Wipe it clean with a dry rag. 
Your chalkboard will look like this when finished. I hung our Chalkboard right on our fence with screws. You can use hooks if you don't want to use screws to attach it to the fence. 
I used a dollar store bucket to store all the chalk. I also buy the chalk at the dollar store. It's only a buck and comes in really pretty colors! When your kids are done drawing, just spray the chalkboard off with the hose! 
My kids love our chalkboard. We hung it above our sandbox and it's been so much fun to have in our backyard! There's so many fun summer projects you can make with Chalkboard Paint. 
I made this lemonade stand out of an old bookcase. I just painted the back of the bookshelf with chalkboard paint. You can find the complete tutorial for my lemonade stand under my DIY tab on the side of my blog. 
Another cute idea is painting paint sticks with Chalkboard Paint, and using them as garden markers. This would be cute in a planter box when you first plant your seeds so you know what everything is. 
You can use the chalkboard paint to make labels. Just spray it on any self adhesive label. I made a date night jar by painting large Popsicle sticks. This would be a cute idea for a chore jar or a Family Home Evening Activity jar. I use the labels  on paper bags for picnics. Kids thinks it's fun to have their name on their lunch bag. I also made a dinner menu out of a dollar store tray. I just taped off the middle and sprayed it with Chalkboard Paint. It looks so cute on a stand in the kitchen. 
Thank you Fox 13's The Place for having me on the show today! It's always so much fun and I loved being able to share my chalkboard ideas! 

Here's the link to my segment if you missed it! Just copy and paste.

The Keeper of the Crayons

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