Thursday, July 21, 2016

Clomid Craziness

This picture best describes how I'm feeling right about now. I laughed so hard when one of my friends sent this to me. The Clomid has been pretty intense. The first day I took it, I really thought I was handling it great, not being emotional, things like that. But the more time that goes by the less I think I'm handling it very well. I feel like my emotions are all over the place and I've had a hard time making decisions. One of my friends told me on Instagram the new term is called  "hormotional". I thought that was so funny because it's true. At my ultrasound last week, the nurse told me I'm responding very well to the Clomid and had follicles on both ovaries. I didn't realize how bad they were going to hurt and how miserable I would feel. I've also lost over 4 pounds this past week. I think it's due to the pain I've been in, but everyone kept reassuring me that it would get better, and they've been right. I'm not in as much pain now, just headaches and small side effects. 
I had an ultrasound and labs done on Monday, that showed I might be ready to ovulate on my own, which means no trigger shots this go around, (I was thrilled!!), but then at my ultrasound today my follicles were still growing so now they are thinking I'll have to go back in for another scan to determine when to do a trigger shot. We're waiting on labs to see if I've ovulated for sure or not. If I haven't, the trigger shot is in my near future, but if by chance I did, then I start progesterone tonight. Progesterone and I aren't friends. I took it with my last miscarriage and hated every second of being on it. But I know it's necessary to be on it, so I'll tough it out. It's so stressful and confusing but I have no control over this situation so I'm just going with the flow. 
I know that Heavenly Father is in control of all of this. I know my part is to be patient and faithful. I read a quote the other day that said, "Be the same person in the dark as you are in the Light." I try really hard to stay positive, even with the medication side effects. 
My mom has been so great to babysit our kids! They've had so much fun with her! My nurses at the fertility clinic and my acupuncture Doctor have been so sweet! They've called just to check on me this past week. I'm grateful for doctors and nurses that care. I'm in great hands! My sweet husband has come to every appointment, dealt with every possible mood swing, helped me figure out medications and bought me Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes today after my appointment. He could tell I was a little down about the ultrasound results and these will help me pass the time while I wait for my nurse to call with my lab results this afternoon. I'm so grateful for him and for everyone that has shown me love and support! Now, we just wait some more. 

I also wanted to share my friend's adoption website. They are the cutest couple and will make the sweetest parents! They've been trying for a family for 5 years. I know the heart ache they are going through and pray for them daily! I wish I could do more for them. Take a look at their website and pass it along to anyone you may know.

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