Monday, July 11, 2016

Faithful and Fearless

This past month has been so crazy! After getting my gallbladder removed, recovery was anything but easy. I'm finally all recovered from the gallbladder removal, kidney stones and the group b strep infection. I didn't know if I was going to be fully recovered by my next fertility appointment but it happened! And I couldn't be more excited! This new bracelet from Bluma Affrimations describes exactly how I feel! Everyone at the fertility clinic complimented me on it. While we were in the waiting room I kept looking down at it and couldn't think of two better words! 
was feeling pretty let down the week of my surgery, since we had to put the fertility treatments we had planned on hold. Then after getting the infection from having kidney stones for so long, I thought this cycle might get postponed too. I was thrilled when I called my doctors and they set up my baseline appointments! At my appointment this past Friday, my lining and ovaries were perfect! I was so relieved. The whole week I had been an emotional mess, so I'm hoping the Clomid and trigger shots don't make that worse. So far I've only been a little crazy, ha ha! Seriously, I can't make any important decisions. For some reason I've been very indecisive lately, which isn't like me at all. My sweet husband just laughs and sits there patiently while I try to decide on things from what I want for lunch to what temperature I need the AC to be on. It's been pretty funny! The hot flashes and cramps have been no joke. When the pharmacist told me about the side effects, she was really sweet and said, "but it's worth it and I wish you the very best!" I'm a little nervous about the shots and hoping I don't have a panic attack over the needle, but I know that it will all be worth it! I just keep reminding myself that I am faithful and fearless. I know Heavenly Father has a special plan for each of us and I just have to be patient. I'm so grateful for all the amazing support I've had from my family and our friends, and complete strangers! I've met so many amazing woman through my blog that are going through the same thing I am. Everyone has been so sweet and my husband and I appreciate it more than anything! For now, I'm just taking my meds, praying and crossing our fingers. Hope everyone has a great week. 

The Keeper of the Crayons 

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