Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sidewalk Puffy Paint

Every summer, my kids ask to go outside to paint. This year, instead of just using water color paint, we made puffy paint! I've seen several recipes on Pinterest, so I combined a few and came up with this.
It's so easy to make, but I won't lie, it's kind of messy to make. Once it's in the bottles it's a breeze! I have some tips that will help you keep the mess to a minimum! 
You only need 4 ingredients to make this paint. You will need 2 - 4oz bottles of washable school glue, 1 cup of white flour, 5-6 cups of white shaving cream (about half a can), and food coloring (I used the neon food coloring). I bought these condiment bottles for $1 dollar at the dollar store. They are perfect for kids and distribute just the right amount of paint! 
Mix the glue, flour and shaving cream together by kneading in a gallon size zip lock bag. If you want more than one color, cut a corner on the bottom of the bag so you can pipe it into smaller ziplock bags, like above picture. Add the desired color to each bag and knead. This is where my tip comes in, wear gloves in case the bag leaks or tears. I had the blue bag leak and I ended up with Smurf colored hands! Cut a corner in each small bag and pipe into containers. I added about a TBSP of warm water into the bottle and gave it a good shake. This helped the paint to not be so thick but it still puffed up perfect! 
My kids had a blast with this paint! They drew all over our driveway and had so much fun! This paint was the perfect amount for 3 bottles for my three kids, but if you need to fill more bottles, you'll want to double the batch. As the paint dries it becomes super puffy! It's so much fun! 
When your kids are all done painting, you just wash the driveway off with the hose. I washed ours off immediately after we were done and it came off so easy. 
Hope your kids love this puffy paint as much as my family did! It's a fun summer activity to keep your little ones busy! 

The Keeper of the Crayons  

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