Friday, September 30, 2016

Halloween Crafts + The Place segment

Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday! Next to Christmas of course, but there's just something about Halloween I've always loved. So I was excited for my holiday craft segment on Fox 13's The Place!
It's always so much fun being on The Place! Everyone is always so sweet and funny! During my segment today, I showed how to make some easy Halloween crafts. The first one is this darling Skeleton Name! They are fun for kids to make and turn out so cute! 
You only need 4 supplies to make these! Did I mention this is the easiest craft?! You can use any name or word you want, just don't write it in cursive. They take about 10 minutes from start to finish to make. 
Start with the supplies in photo #1 above. You will need a piece of black card stock, white computer paper, a glue stick, a pencil, scissors, and ribbon. If you want to add a heart to your skeleton then you will need a red marker too. Fold the white paper in half long ways like photo #2. Turn the paper so the open part is at the top in photo #3. Write the name or word you want to use on the bottom of the paper, like photo #4, leaving a tiny space along the 
bottom and only writing to the middle of the paper. (If it's too long it won't fit on the black paper). Now cut out around the name starting on the right hand side, or the last letter of the name but keeping the letters attached together. Cut out any middles of letters too like "A's". This is the part that takes just a few minutes. 
Once it's cut out it should look something like the photo above. Next unfold the name and lay the side down that has the pencil marks on it. Glue it to the black card stock. I cut out a skull and some bones with the left over white paper and glued them on. I also used some Halloween ribbon for a bow for the girl skeleton for my daughter. It added a finishing touch. 

If you make them for boys you can put the ribbon bow as a bow tie. My boys loved this! They turn out so cute! My kids loved making theirs and they display them in frames in October for their Halloween decor in their rooms. It would be cute to do your family's last name and display it with your Halloween decor. 
This Button Pumpkin is another easy Halloween craft. You only need a white craft pumpkin (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby), black or orange buttons and a hot glue gun. Just glue the buttons right on to the pumpkin! I glued some ribbon on mine and it turned out so cute. 
Last but not least, is this Halloween Ribbon Wreath. All you do is tie pieces of ribbon around a foam wreath.
I used a messy knot, right over left then right over left again. You can use any kind of ribbon. I used this plain black grosgrain from Hobby Lobby. I cut mine into 17 inch pieces and used about 50 of them. I tied some orange ribbon on the top to hang it on the door. I love how simple and festive it is!
Hope this adds some fun to your Halloween decor. A big thanks to The Place for having me on the show again. Have a happy weekend! 

To watch my segment on The Place:

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