Wednesday, December 14, 2016

3 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I love the holidays and I love our Elf on the Shelf! His name is Jingle and my kids love looking for him each morning. He is a nice Elf and doesn't play mean tricks or pranks. Instead, he does fun, cute activities to help us count down the days until Christmas. We have him around to keep things fun and make mornings a little more special for the month. I love doing simple ideas for our Elf, that make my kids giggle, but that don't take a lot of time either. I picked the top 3 favorite ideas that my kids have loved the past week.

First is the Marshmallow Bubble Bath. They thought it was so funny to see their Elf taking a bath in the sink. They loved the marshmallow idea and it was so simple. Put the elf in the sink, dump in mini marshmallows and you're done!

Next is the Birthday Cupcake Elf outfit. We have two December Birthdays that are in the same week, so it's fun to have the elf celebrate with us. This cute cupcake and hat outfit can be purchased at most major retail stores. I got ours from a local flower shop when I got our elf. The kit comes with a book about birthdays and this adorable outfit. It can also be used during birthdays that aren't in December. The book makes that possible. My kids love waking up to this on their birthdays! It's probably my favorite also! 

My final idea from this past week is the "Don't Eat the Elf" board game! My kids actually love playing this game around the holidays, so they thought it was so funny to see their Elf playing with Rudolph and Frosty. You can print off any kind of game online, add a few M&Ms and you are good to go. Remember to keep the ideas simple. You don't  have to stay up for hours getting things ready for your elf. These all took less than a minute to put together, but the looks and giggles from my kids were totally priceless.

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