Thursday, December 15, 2016

Expecting Mamas- This is for you!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. But when my husband started asking me what I wanted for Christmas this year, it was hard to make a list since I'm pregnant. There's already so many decisions you have to make during pregnancy from doctors to hospitals to whether or not you are going to breastfeed, the list goes on and on. There may seem like there aren't many gifts out there that a pregnant mama might like, but I've put together an awesome Christmas gift list for expecting moms and I'm sharing it with you! These are things that I've already received this month or items that I told my husband that I wanted for Christmas this year. Share it with your loved ones so they know what to buy for you this year!

*Maternity Clothes- If you are like me, you want to have cute clothes to wear but don't want to spend a ton of money on them. I love Old Navy's Maternity Clothes! They keep me from going completely crazy in the mornings when I'm trying to look put together for the day, which let's face it, that's rough during pregnancy. The clothes are cute and comfy, but also so affordable! I actually wear their skinny jeans when I'm not pregnant, so I was thrilled that they make the same style in Maternity wear also! They have a bunch of cute outfits to help you dress your growing bump for all those holiday parties. Here's some of the items I put on my Christmas List.

*Diaper Bags and Purses- I purchased a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag during their warehouse sale. Not only was it an awesome deal, but it's the cutest bag! They have a lot of cute prints, but these diaper bags can also be used as purses. I am so excited to use mine! They are glazed on the outside so they are easy to wipe clean. They also have so many pockets and an awesome changing pad. I couldn't find the print that I bought, but I'm sure you will find a style you love!

*Journals- I am obsessed with journaling. I love keeping scrap books and baby books so my kids can look back on them when the are adults, (and see what an awesome mom and childhood they had, wink, wink!). Along with weekly bump pictures, during each of my pregnancies I've written down monthly updates. It's fun to look back after baby is born and read the feelings and emotions I had while pregnant. Promptly Journals is an excellent way to keep records during your pregnancy and for your baby's childhood! Each page has specific prompts for you to fill out so it makes writing down the memories super quick and easy! They also have a journal for adoption. These would make a great baby shower gift too if you know someone who loves to write in journals. 

*Monthly Blanket- One of my best friends gave me a monthly blanket from Blush+Blue for Christmas this year. It is the softest swaddle blanket and has the numbers for each month for you to document your baby's age milestones! It's seriously so cute and I can't wait to use it after my baby girl arrives! I can already picture the cuteness!

*Gifts for Baby- Since you are going to need a lot stuff for your new bundle of joy, I've added three of my favorite baby products that I can't wait to use when my sweet baby arrives. They would make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

1- Swaddle: I won an pink and white striped Ollie Swaddle last year. It's so soft and I can't wait to use it! They have some really cute neutral prints. My other kids loved being swaddled as babies, so I'm hoping our tiny princess will love it too!

2- Donut Rattle: This has to be the cutest baby toy out there! It's a rattle from Whistling Blue Bird. I was so excited to receive one and I'm planning on it being my baby's favorite toy, (hey a mom can wish, right?!).  It looks like a yummy donut with frosting and sprinkles! The rattles are handmade by a momma on Etsy. She also has other cute items too.

3- Baby Moccasins: During the last sale that Freshly Picked had, I snagged a bunch of cute moccs and bows for my baby girl. My favorite ones are the blush pink! I can't wait for my baby girl to wear them! They have a bunch of cute prints and colors. They are great quality and they come in a variety of sizes for your little one. You need a pair of these! 

*Breastfeeding Products: This stocking stuffer might not be the most glamorous, but it's definitely important! There are so many different feeding options out there, it can get overwhelming for expecting moms. When I was expecting my first baby (our oldest daughter), I had decided right from the start to breastfeed. No one, and I mean not even one single nurse, told me how painful nursing would be at the start. When my milk came two days after giving birth, I thought I was going to die. I was producing so much milk that I had to pump in between feedings. I got so sore the first few days that I started using nursing balm and let me tell you, it is a game changer! I loved breastfeeding after that first week and felt like it was the best decision for myself and my baby. I had a great experience breast feeding all three of my older kids when they were babies, so that is the option I've chosen for baby number 4 as well. If you are breastfeeding, you are going to need a soothing balm. Trust me! The Honest Company has a great organic balm that is perfect for breastfeeding moms. They also have several other products regardless of the feeding method you choose. I know every mom is different and every baby is unique, so trust your mommy instincts and do whatever feels best for you and your baby when deciding to breastfeed or not. You will find what works for you and what doesn't, but for me, nursing balm is a stocking stuffer I have to have! No matter what you decide, there's a ton of awesome products out there to help you.

I hope this Christmas List helps all of you expecting mamas get something really great under your Christmas Tree this year! Remember to enjoy the holidays and enjoy growing tiny miracles! Eat lots of holiday goodies because you deserve it!

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