Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gender Reveal Party- It's a GIRL!

The week of Thanksgiving, we found out we are having a baby GIRL! This is baby #4 for us and will make two of each gender for our family. We are all so excited and thrilled to have a healthy princess on the way. To celebrate after our ultrasound, we had a gender reveal party to tell our other three kids if they were getting a brother or a sister. They all had guessed girl and really wanted a sister, so that made the party even more exciting!
For the party theme, I used "TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR. HOW WE WONDER WHAT YOU ARE." It turned out so cute and the whole thing was under $30! Here's all the details incase you are planning a gender reveal party.
When I started planning, I picked my theme and decided on one main treat that I wanted at the party. I chose star sugar cookies. Since I'm pregnant and have terrible morning sickness, I asked a local cake decorator to make them for me. She did an amazing job with the royal icing in pink and blue. And they tasted just as amazing as they look! Don't be afraid to hire someone to make the treats.
We also had a fruit and vegetable tray as a healthier option. These are great for parties and are usually on sale around the holidays. I bought mine at Costco. They make cooking simple and clean up a breeze. Which let's face it, is every pregnant mama's dream!
I wanted to keep the decorations simple but fun and stick with the star theme and the pink and blue colors. I printed off the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star poem and the Old Wives Tales on my computer and stuck them in white dollar store frames. I used pink and blue sharpie markers to mark the Old Wives Tales and to color the "he" and "she" on the Hershey bars, (Which were fun size candy bars left over from Halloween!). The ceramic stars are from Hobby Lobby. They were on sale for a buck! I used a milk bottle we had on hand and some pink and blue straws. The pink and blue polka dot table cloth, plates, napkins, cups and hanging stars were all from Walmart. They had them in the baby shower party isle and were all around a dollar!
I used a chalkboard I had on hand to put the score of the guesses from our family and friends. It added a fun touch to the party table!
We put the pink balloons in a big box for our kids to open to see what the gender was. This part was my favorite part of the party. They were so excited and thrilled to open it up and see pink balloons. It also made the cutest prop for photos! The box and balloons were from Walmart and were $2 for the box and $.99 cents for the bag of balloons. I used black construction paper and a white crayon to write on the box. It was so simple to make, I had it done with in a couple of minutes!
The whole thing was so much fun! I love planning parties, but I also love keeping it simple and not having to do a ton of work to have it turn out cute. I also love being able to pull off a party that is under $30! This was probably the most fun I've had planning a party. It could be that we are just way excited to add a baby girl to our family, but either way the whole thing was a big hit. I hope this helps you if you are planning a gender reveal party!

The Keeper of the Crayons

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