Friday, June 30, 2017

Grotto Falls Summer Hike

If you are looking for a fun, family hike to take this summer, Grotto Falls in Utah is perfect for the entire family! It's a short hike, (less than 3 miles total) and is very simple. There are wood tree trunk bridges to cross the creek and the trail is very well maintained. We went a couple weeks ago, so mid June, and the water in the creek wasn't high or moving very quick at all, but the water fall was still flowing nicely. Our family had a blast on this hike. It was perfect for my three kids and they loved the waterfall. It's a really pretty hike and is easy to get to from the Payson Canyon road. It's a great summer activity and a great way to cool off on these hot days!

Driving Directions:

To get to Payson Canyon take the Payson exit off of I-15. Head straight down main street until you reach 100 N. Turn left on 100 N. Stay on 100 N until you reach 600 E. You will see a sign that says Mount Nebo Scenic Loop. Turn right on 600 E. This will take you up the canyon. From the mouth of the canyon travel approx 7 miles to the parking area for the Grotto Trail.

It's really easy to find. The entire hike took us about 40 minutes. That includes hiking in and out, exploring and the time we spent at the waterfall. Happy Summer!

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